Schinus terebinthifolia

Schinus terebinthifolia

Known also as rose pepper or Brazilian pepper, it is a sprawling shrub or small tree, reaching a height of 7–10 m.

For this plant the soil is indifferent, it tolerates drought. It fears intense cold; thrives in sunny areas, in partial shade and near the sea. In its native habitat it is melliferous. It has become widespread and is considered an invasive species in many subtropical regions with moderate to high rainfall.

It grows rapidly; it is a prolific seed producer; its foliage flushes nearly continuously; it is vigorously deciduous; and it tolerates a wide range of site conditions, but it prefers a warm climate with temperatures between 20 and 38°C.

Schinus terebinthifolia is widely grown as an ornamental plant in frost-free regions for its foliage, flowering and fruit. It can easily be used as a decoration in parking lots and narrow streets.

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