Pinus Halepensis

Pinus Halepensis

Pinus Halepensis or Aleppo Pine is native to Mediterranean Countries.

It is a common conifer with light green needles and reddish-brown barks mostly used in the landscaping of Mediterranean climate areas:

Pinus Halepensis can resit to full sun exposure, wind, salinity, hot climate and dry soils.

The tree is ever green and can be up to 20 mt tall in good cultivation conditions: to avoid excess of rain and low temperatures.

It can be used even in reforestation in Mediterranean regions: these forests are advantageous to improve the quality of the environment

because can create windbreak barriers to mitigate marine winds. Another advantage of Pinus Halepensis forests is that they can stabilize the

soil: thanks to their root systems the movement of the soils, due to rains, is contained.








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