Lavandula dentata candicans

Lavandula dentata candicans

Lavandula dentata candicans

Lavandula Dentata Candicans is an outdoor perennial plant coming from Spain and the Balearic Islands.

It is a compact plant and it can even reach several meters in height, elongated evergreen leaves, with dentate edges from which its name.

From spring to summer it blooms small light purple flowers in spikes.

It is a very easy plant to grow, resistant to low temperatures but not to frosts, ideal for hedges and borders, but also as a single specimen in flower beds or in pots.

It particularly prefers sunny and very well-ventilated positions, but it tolerates semidarkness.

It adapts to any type of soil but a good quality and well drained one is recommended, as the plant fears water stagnation while it needs regular watering especially in the warmer months and less in winter.

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