Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus is commonly known as string-of-pearls or string-of-beads.

It is a flowering, creeping, perennial, succulent vine native to the drier parts of southwest Africa. In its natural environment its stems trail on the ground, rooting where they touch and form dense mats. It often avoids direct sunlight by growing in the shade of other plants and rocks.

Its leaves are the size and shape of small peas (about 6 mm).Its trailing stems can grow up to 60–90 cm.

It can be grown indoors or outdoors (above freezing temperature) and is considered to be low maintenance.

Like most succulents, it requires very infrequent watering (about once a month), a few hours of direct sunlight and is not affected by humidity. Good soil drainage is essential to prevent root rot, so sandy soil is recommended.

Senecio Rowleyanus is a highly decorative plant. Whether you balance it on a bookcase, dangle from a shelf, or hang it from the ceiling in front of a window, its cascades of green pearls can easily make any guest fall in love.

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