Eriocephalus Africanus

Eriocephalus Africanus

Eriocephalus Africanus is an evergreen bush native to South Africa. It is known even as Cape Snow Bush or African Rosemery for the similar foliage of the common Mediterranean Rosemary.

The plant has an erect and compact habit with many branches that have scented leaves and flowers. It is a plant very appreciated because of its winter blooming: the plant flowers between December and March so it is perfect to color the landscaping in a season that usually lacks of flowers. The color of the flowers is pale Yellow/white.

The maximum height is 1 mt and usually it prefers sun but can resist even to -6°C.

Irrigation has to be sporadic in hot days; not necessary in cold days. Soils well drained .

Eriocephalus africanus it is a important plant for the nectar and pollen it gives to many insects. It is even used in cooking and traditional medicine.




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