Howea Forsteriana

Howea Forsteriana

Howea Forsteriana , commonly known as Kentia palm, is native of Lord Howe Island, Australia. It is an evergreen plant, slow-growing but can reach 10 mt of height.
Even if the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed Kentia as a plant with “vulnerable status” , it is the most popular palm in the world for its both uses as an indoor and outdoor plant. It can be used as an indoor plant, in European climate and outdoor if you have a tropical climate.

In indoor uses, you can fertilize the plant in Spring to allow the growth.
The palm needs regular water but do not overwater because roots are very sensitive and too much water in roots can kill the palm.

If you want to grow the palm, it prefers sun and partial shade areas , is suitable for growing in containers and prefers acid soils. Suggestion: repot Kentia only after they have become very well rooted in their existing pot.

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