Spring 2020

Spring 2020

Spring  is usually one of the best period of the year for us: a lot of work, offers, plants to load, pictures to send to customers, emails to reply, fields to check and so on. It is one of the more stressing period but even is the part of the year in which we more feel live and strong!

But this Spring 2020 is different, a monster called Covid-19 has taken our daily life, our job, our positiveness . We can not do the simple things we usually do as go out in the morning or take a walk after work.

It is one of the worst period we are experiencing.

The positive side is that we can see that spring is going on, plants are blooming and we understand nature cannot be stopped.

For that reason, Green Export tries to resist and follow the regular work as everyday because better days are around the corner!

We have to smile and #lethopebloom !

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